Ordered Robo Wunderkind! – Build and code a robot yourself! 5+

Robo Wunderkind 5+

Yes! I found another fantastic robot for kids from the age of 5. It’s still a Kickstarter project, but inside I glow with excitement when I see this. [update 17 November 2017: Robot Wunderkind has sadly delayed again. It’s expected halfway in 2018. I really like Robo, but because of this delay, I had to cancel my order. I need the money to invest in the Robotvilla kids studio on wheels. Maybe, when Robo is available, I’ll reconsider buying it.]  Update 28 Oct 2018: Robowunderkind is now available at https://robowunderkind.com/en/, unfortunately, I had to cancel my order in their Kickstarter period due to the delay the had back then. Congratulations to the Robo Wunderkind team for eventually getting the production job done!

What is Robo Wunderkind

Meet Robo Wunderkind, a modular robot consisting of ‘robo cubes,’ wheels and all sorts of cool sensors like proximity, light and even a weather sensor (Advanced and Professional kit). They made it easy to program and control with a tablet or smartphone. I haven’t tested it yet, but it sure looks easy. The creators of Robo also provide enough ideas to start with, like solving mazes, program your robot to guard your room or surprise your parents with a weather forecast!

Playful learning

I think Robo Wunderkind is an excellent concept because kids aren’t aware they are training important skills like creativity and computational thinking. They’re just enjoying themselves and playing by themselves (free play) or with others (social skills) to achieve goals. Not every kid will grow up to be a coding expert, and that’s a good thing because that’s not the point of learning these skills. The point is that kids will grasp the idea behind the technology. They’ll learn that not everything in life comes assembled and ready to use, that they can create things by themselves. And that is a very powerful and important skill.

My ultimate goal

My ultimate goal is to go to elementary schools and be the ‘Robo-mom’ that gets invited into the classroom to let the kids play with cool educational toys like Robo. (By the way: Robo Wunderkind even developed a curriculum for elementary schools, how convenient!)

Hand in the air if your kids 😉 would like to play with Robo! Let me know in the comments below!

Robo greets,


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