Ordered Robot Cubetto – Coding for kids 3+

Cubetto december 2016

I’ve ordered Cubetto! This cute little wooden robot is designed to introduceĀ coding to kids. I thought long and hard about which robot I wanted to be the first member of our robot family. Now I’ve decided to go ahead and order the little guy, and this is the reasonĀ why:

Cubetto’s looks are undeniable cute. It’s just an adorable little wooden box with wheels and a smiley face, and it comes with colorful mapsĀ in various themes.

Coding for kids

The robot comes assembled so that you can play with it right out of the box. You just choose one of the mapsĀ (if you ordered multiple themes) and put it on the floor. Then grab the codingĀ board and place Cubetto on hisĀ first location on the map. Now it’s time to make up a great adventure for Cubetto. MakeĀ him go in the right direction to completeĀ his quest. You can tell Cubetto where to go by using colorful coding blocks that each stand for a different direction. For example: Turn ninety degrees left, turn ninety degrees right, move one tile forward or do something special.

To the castle

Cubetto girl playing - coding for kids

Source: http://designformankind.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/cubetto-6.jpeg

Take a look at the picture below. Can you think of a code sequence to get Cubetto to the castle? (Tip: Take a good look at the direction which the arrow on top of Cubetto is pointing…) I’ve posted the answer* below.

Final thoughts

I’d like to trigger the kids’Ā imagination. While we talk about the cool world maps and make up exciting adventures, they get introduced to coding for kids without noticing. In no time they will be able to play with Cubetto by themselves.Ā That’s kinda sad because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like to play with it myself! ;). So, now you know why, after a lot of deliberation and research, I picked Cubetto as the first member of ourĀ robot family.

Did you get the coding sequence right? Let me know in the comments!Ā 

Robo greets,


Solution – to the castle

*Look at the arrow on top of Cubetto. He is looking backward. So he needs to turn around 180 degrees. So we need to place two turning blocks to get him to face the right way. Then, assuming Cubetto can’t swim, he has to move forward towards the cactus. So that’s + one forward block in the sequence. Then he needs to turn ninety degrees to the left, so + one turning counter-clockwise block. To get him to the castle, he needs to move one tile forward.Ā (Or maybe Cubetto likes to swim and wants to avoid the cactus. Then, of course, the sequence changes!)

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