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      Feb 19, 2018

Robotvilla is in the air! – It finally hit me!

Live Robotvilla

Hurray, the Robotvilla is in the air! The idea of Robotvilla came to me in the summer of 2016. I worked many evenings and nights to bring my idea to life, and now it is finally time! I’m very proud of the results thus far, and now Robotvilla needs to grow.

The beginning of Robotvilla

The idea came to me because I got stuck with my previous mom/lifestyle blog. I didn’t have any inspiration anymore, the blog felt like a burden. I used to get so much energy from creating content for that blog, but now it began to drain the energy from me. The reason for this to happen was, and here it comes, because I wasn’t passionate enough about the topics.

Mom and techie

One evening in May, I was talking about my blog struggles with my husband, when it hit me; An important piece of my personality and life had been underexposed on my previous blog for all this time. That piece being that I’m not only a mom, but I’m also a techie! I graduated with a Masters degree from the University of Amsterdam (Information Science), and I even wrote my thesis about a robot!

Philips - iCat robot

As a mom, I want to teach my kids about technology and coding. I think learning to code is equally as important as learning to read and write. I want to explain to them that they can create something themselves. Making their ideas and dreams reality. I’m not saying they should become software developers unless they want to. They should decide themselves what they want to do in life. All I want to do is give them this powerful tool, called computational thinking. A way of solving problems so that a computer could understand. Even better, I want this for all the kids in the Netherland… what… the world! Think big, right?

Bam! Suddenly the subject of my blog was crystal clear. I am passionate about this topic; I can combine my mom-side with my tech-side, use the skills I learned and contribute to improving STEM education for our kids. (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Let me know what you think of Robotvilla. If you have any feedback, tips, comments or concerns, let me know in the comments below.

Robo greets,


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