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      Feb 19, 2018

OSMO Coding [video]

I’m back from a little time off to collect my thoughts, so let’s pick it up where I left it. I was in the middle of editing my OSMO Coding video when I lost my SD card. Long story short, luckily I had saved the OSMO footage before I foolishly dropped my card on the floor at the office somewhere. Note to self: Always pay extra attention when handling such a small card and put it away safely.

Back to Osmo Coding! After I’d found out about Osmo way back in Juni 2016, I contemplated buying it, but the duty costs were sky high since OSMO wasn’t available in The Netherlands then. It had taken only a few months before OSMO hit the shelves here and I bought it shortly after.

The system

Before you can use OSMO Coding, you need to have the OSMO base (with mirror) to stick in your iPad. The mirror is used to reflect the camera’s vision toward the table, where you’ll be putting the games pieces. There are various kits you can choose. I chose the OSMO Genius kit, which holds the base plus three games (Tangram, Words, and Numbers) together with the OSMO Coding game. (Later I also bought the OSMO magical creative experience, but since that’s not a STEM related game, I wouldn’t be covering it on this blog… it is very cool though! #art #drawing #magic 😉 )

The game

The idea behind OSMO Coding is that you use real tangible objects (programming blocks) to make a little character called “Awbie” move around in his world on your iPad. I wrote about it in more detail in a previous post. My son started playing when he was just four years old. At four my son can’t play solo because he doesn’t recognize numbers yet but he can count till ten. The latter is pretty important since you’re always counting the steps Awbie needs to make to move through the levels. It doesn’t matter though because we have great quality mom-son time when we play together, and he also practices remembering the numbers. (Update: it’s a few months later, he’s 4,5 now and my he does recognize numbers and starts to come up with his solutions. Fantastic to see!)

First impression

I wrote a list of things about OSMO Coding when we played for the first time, just to give you an idea of my first impression:

  1. Before I ordered OSMO, we watched the OSMO YouTube video’s together to get my son a little familiar with the game. (That works well with anything actually…)
  2. We love love love the cute music in the game. It makes us feel happy!
  3. Osmo Coding has good save games. We’ve been playing the game on an ancient iPad 2. Although it crashed a few times due insufficient disk space, the game started right up again, and the games were saved! (Nothing more frustrating than lost game progress. Well done Osmo!)
  4. It’s a very forgiving game. If Awbie goes the wrong way, he only bumps into a tree, and that’s that.
  5. I’ve noticed a few updates recently which improves the gameplay tremendously. For example, you can now scroll through the whole level to explore where to go. And Awbie now shows that coding block you put in front of the iPad as extra feedback. Go team Osmo Coding!

Let me know if you’re contemplating on buying OSMO Coding for your kids or let me know what your experiences are.

Robo greets!




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