Kids tech studio on wheels Robotvilla! A dream come true!

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From a dream…

Exactly two years ago, in the summer of 2016, Robotvilla popped into my mind: the blog was born about kids, code, and robots. Now the blog is actually going to bloom into a Kids Tech Studio on wheels! A Kids Tech Trailer if you will. I have no idea how the concept of this tiny house on wheels is called in English, but you can see what I mean in the picture 🙂

Yes, I did it! I found this beautiful tiny house, and it’s a dream come true. I wanted a maker space where I can go and discover the world of tech with the kids. Not only my own kids but anyone who wants to join in! I didn’t want to rent a space where I wasn’t allowed to do this or that, where I couldn’t put up a shelf or light, where I was bound to contracts and all that sort of scary stuff. I actually didn’t want to be bound to a specific location. And there it popped into my mind: I want a tiny studio on wheels! That was it! But how? Where? What? A Caravan? Neh… A big truck or bus? Neh… A Camper? Nope… A Pipowagon? Yes!! That was it! (Pipo is a famous clown in The Netherlands who traveled about in his tiny house on wheels (a Pipowagon)). With a wagon like that, I can come to the children at schools or daycare centers to give workshops! Kids can build robots and computer (with an awesome Minecraft game to learn about electronics), code games or even design 3D stuff in the wagon. My imagination ran wild.

…to reality

So I immediately went on the internet and searched for days. I found lots of trailers, but they didn’t have the Robotvilla high tech *umph* that I was looking for. From cute Pipowagons with red and white curtains and wooden heart details to wagons that were so badly taken care of that the mushrooms grew out of the roof… Then I scrolled past this bright orange brand new custom made, amazing looking trailer and I fell immediately in love. It was very expensive, and I needed to sleep on it for a night (or three). But after a lot of contemplating I decided to go for it, provided that the trailer got a few extras. It was quite dark inside, so I asked if they could build two extra windows and also loads of wall sockets. With all the high tech plans, I’m surely gonna need those. The wagon was even more expensive with the extra’s build in, but I guess the saying goes: Go big or go home 🙂

The trailer will soon be decorated with my logo, and I’m working on the interior and hardware in the trailer. The experience for my Robotvilla kids has to be perfect!

Stay tuned for more updates on the trailer and let me know what you think!

Robo greets,


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