* Build Your Own Robot with the BYOR-kit [video]

Vico (5 yrs) and I had so much fun while crafting our very own High Five Robot with the BYOR kit by Solly Systems. Especially when its arm came to life after we had turned it on. *WACK*, it did. LOL! Vico and I built our very own cardboard robot out of boxes and a big cardboard roll. It wasn’t just any robot, no it could actually move, see and hear! Amazing, right? Crafting 2.0!

BYOR-kit having a blast

BYOR kit | Cause and effect

I know what you think: A moving robot? Isn’t that extremely difficult to build? That’s the beauty of the Build Your Own Robot kit, it isn’t hard at all! Teun, the creator of the BYOR kit, thought of an easy-to-use-kit for kids kit so that the kids can incorporate electronics into their crafts. This is how it works: We’re all familiar with something called cause-and-effect, right? If you start something, you can expect a reaction. It’s the same with electronics: the input results in an output. Think about it like this: If this sensor detects light, then this little lamp (LED) turns on, or If I turn this knob (input), this little motor will spin faster or slower (output).

How does it work?

The BYOR kit contains all sorts of input and output parts like a knob, a distance sensor, a little microphone, a LED, a servo motor and lots more. You can connect these parts very easily with a cable to the so-called ‘Easyboard.’ All the blue parts (the input components) go on one side of the Easyboard, and all the green ones (output) go on the other side. Every combination of input parts with output parts is possible, and that’s the beauty of it.

When you connect the battery (USB power bank), your creation comes to life. For example, you can connect a distance sensor to a servo motor. A servo motor turns to a certain position when it gets input. When something gets close to the distance sensor, the servo will turn accordingly. That’s how we built the arm that can give a high five: When we put our hand in front of the sensor, the servo with a big cardboard roll will turn, and the robot hand will come down to slap that high five. That’s not the only thing you can do with the BYOR kit. You can even program the Easyboard using the Arduino interface to behave differently. But we didn’t get that far, yet.

Maybe you’re thinking: Wow! Aren’t electronics dangerous? Nope, they aren’t. We’re not talking about high voltage current here. You can read in the booklet, which comes with the BYOR kit, how to protect the parts and use them so you can make tons of projects with them.

BYOR-kit High Five Robot image


Vico is five years old. Crafting isn’t his favorite thing to do, especially when stuff isn’t well prepared. It can be quite overwhelming for him, which results in disappointment. So I decided to do exactly what the teachers at school do. Prepare the crafting session very well. The teachers lay out all the bits and pieces and provide an example. So I went ahead and started by saving nice cardboard boxed and rolls.

The night before our crafting session I drew the High Five Robot on a piece of paper so I could show Vico what I wanted to make with him. I also crafted the robot’s little head, complete with eyes so that I could show Vico even better. (10 points for preparation, go mommy!) It went very well! We had a blast building the robot. I made a little video of our crafting session. Enjoy watching it, let me know what you think!

Tons of fun

Thanks to the BYOR kit we had lovely mother-son quality time, and we’ve made a great robot. Vico is very, very proud of his work and both of us learned so much. It was fantastic to see how he kept coming up with ideas, like “Mom! The lamp should be its nose!” Or “Mom look, a wheel! That should turn!” Honestly, I didn’t think we’d be having so much fun with this kit. Because the BYOR kit only contains the components, cables, the Easyboard and cool 3D printed wheels and gears, it’s up to you to think of a creative way to use the components. Don’t worry if the creative ideas don’t start popping up right away, Teun provided some nice inspirational videos to get you started.

Alright, that’s it for this review. I’m off to buy a second BYOR kit so that my daughter, friends or Robotvilla visitors can enjoy crafting their robots together.

Robo greets,


*This article was a collab with BYOR from Solly Systems.

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