More time for Robotvilla projects

Kalender afbeelding met robotvilla logo's op de donderdagen afgebeeld.

More time for Robotvilla!

To give Robotvilla, as a mobile studio and blog, a serious change of succeeding, I had to make a serious decision. I decided to cut my Freelance User Experience Design time, which is my core business, one day shorter than usual. That way, I have more time to create articles and videos and work on amazing projects. This also means less income, thus more financial pressure but, as I mentioned; more time to work hard on my Robotvilla dream. It was kind of a hard decision because we have a family we have to provide for, but after discussing this with my husband Vincent we decided to go for it.  So starting from April 2018, every Thursday will be my Robotvilla day!

Robotvilla project

  • The 3D printer adventure. From assembly until my first successful 3d print,
  • The DIY camera slider. (It’s a sliding rail for my camera.) The slider enables me to make cool videos for the projects listed below,
  • Searching for and trying out educational toys, apps, and crafts to offer in the studio,
  • Remodeling this entire website,
  • Finishing my beautiful Robotvilla trailer.

If there is anything you’d like me to try out or read about, let me know and drop me an email! I’m grateful that I’m able to make this decision. I’ll make the best of it! ?

Robo greets,


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