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      Jun 22, 2018

Category: Kids Tech Studio on wheels

The studio on wheels got its logo’s [video]

My first real Robotvilla day was dedicated to decorating the Kids Tech Studio with the official Robotvilla logo’s. It was a very special day for me because the logo design I’d made a while ago, finally came to life in the studio! It took a while because I decided to register the name and logo. The registration process took months before it officially got registered in the books. Yup, I’m allowed to put a ® sign in the logo.


Robotvilla logo

Logo design process

I’ve designed the little robot that lived inside the logo, together with my son Vico when he was 3,5 years old. The robot even has a name. He’s called “Muizernaik”. I remember that Vico and I sat together and I’d draw figures on a piece of paper, asking Vico: “What kind of head should our robot have? A Circle? Square? Half a circle?”. Vico drew his own figures to make clear what he wanted and that is how Muizernaik came into life.

A4tje met viltstift tekeningen van VicoPhoto: How little robot “Muizernaik” came to life (2015)

The guys from Elway Designs in Hilversum, The Netherlands, did a great job in putting the logo’s on the studio, as you can see in the video above. I’m very happy with the result and I don’t think I’ll drive around unnoticed with this artwork on the studio. This was another big step in the right direction!

Robo greets,


Also, a nice read: the idea behind Robotvilla.

Kids tech studio on wheels Robotvilla! A dream come true!
Kids tech studio on wheels Robotvilla! A dream come true!

From a dream…

Exactly two years ago, in the summer of 2016, Robotvilla popped into my mind: the blog was born about kids, code, and robots. Now the blog is actually going to bloom into a Kids Tech Studio on wheels! A Kids Tech Trailer if you will. I have no idea how the concept of this tiny house on wheels is called in English, but you can see what I mean in the picture 🙂 (more…)