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* Build Your Own Robot with the BYOR-kit [video]

Vico (5 yrs) and I had so much fun while crafting our very own High Five Robot with the BYOR kit by Solly Systems. Especially when its arm came to life after we had turned it on. *WACK*, it did. LOL! Vico and I built our very own cardboard robot out of boxes and a big cardboard roll. It wasn’t just any robot, no it could actually move, see and hear! Amazing, right? Crafting 2.0! (more…)

Robot Cubetto arrived! – Coding for kids 3+

We finally got to unbox and try out Cubetto! Cubetto is a little wooden robot that teaches kids to code without using a display. All they need is a colorful cloth world map, a wooden programming board, and little Cubetto. By putting the colored blocks in a certain order on the programming board, they can move Cubetto in every direction. I wrote a blog post about why I chose this little guy as the first member of our robot family. (more…)

Building a robot kit with my son [video]

The other day, I was online searching for cool gadgets when I stumbled upon this very cool Arduino-based robot kit by DFRobot. It’s like an insect, and that’s probably why they call it an Insectbot. This robot is a do-it-yourself kit for kids from the age of 6, but I thought that if I helped him, my 4-year-old son Vico would enjoy the process of building as well. So I bought it. In this blog post, I’ll tell you the story of how our Insectbot (who my son named Olika Bolika) came to life. (more…)

Ordered Robot Cubetto – Coding for kids 3+
Ordered Robot Cubetto – Coding for kids 3+

I’ve ordered Cubetto! This cute little wooden robot is designed to introduce coding to kids. I thought long and hard about which robot I wanted to be the first member of our robot family. Now I’ve decided to go ahead and order the little guy, and this is the reason why:


Ordered Robo Wunderkind! – Build and code a robot yourself! 5+
Ordered Robo Wunderkind! – Build and code a robot yourself! 5+

Yes! I found another fantastic robot for kids from the age of 5. It’s still a Kickstarter project, but inside I glow with excitement when I see this. [update 17 November 2017: Robot Wunderkind has sadly delayed again. It’s expected halfway in 2018. I really like Robo, but because of this delay, I had to cancel my order. I need the money to invest in the Robotvilla kids studio on wheels. Maybe, when Robo is available, I’ll reconsider buying it.]  Update 28 Oct 2018: Robowunderkind is now available at, unfortunately, I had to cancel my order in their Kickstarter period due to the delay the had back then. Congratulations to the Robo Wunderkind team for eventually getting the production job done! (more…)