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      Feb 19, 2018


Francesca Vonk

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Thank you for your interest in collaborating! On this page I’ll share my view on collabs. If you have other ideas, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Goal of Robotvilla

The whole idea behind Robotvilla is to minimize the “coding for kids and tech”-threshold for anyone who is caring for or working with children. Nowadays a lot of cool educational games, software and robots come available that encourage playful learning in the realm of STEM. (Science Technology Education and Mathematics.) The future is now and for our kids to grab and that’s what I try to share on my blog.

Target audience

My target audience is anyone who is interested in:

  • Coding for kids
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
  • Educational:

More precisely:

  • Children (age 3 – 16) *
  • (Grand)parents
  • Child cares
  • Kindergarten personnel
  • Teachers

* Because I’d like to see our youngest ones (age 3 – 12) get an early start in coding and STEM, my interest especially goes out to them.

Collaboration options

Show and tell
I’d like to come by with the Robotvilla robots and gadgets to explore and discover them together with the children and adults. (Business or private) Also, I’d like to help by for example brainstorm on how to introduce this topic in schools and daycare centers.

Articles and videos 
Robotvilla is a blog where I passionately share my discoveries and ideas on this topic with my readers. It is my pleasure to try out and write about new concepts, products or services. Maybe even make a YouTube video to go with it. In the article or video, I will always share that it was written in collaboration with you. The content will be created in both Dutch and English.

Do you have something to give away? I can start a giveaway for you on the blog. Together we will figure out the details for the contest. As long as the product or service is in tune with the topics of Robotvilla, this is always a very festive and exciting option!

Press releases
If you have a press release about something could be interesting for Robotvilla, please don’t hesitate to share it with me at francesca@robotvilla.com.

Other ideas?
If you have another idea for a collaboration. Let me know!


I feel it’s almost unnecessary to say but it should be clear that I only share content on Robotvilla which I 100% support. When I create content about a product that was sent to me, I will always share with my readers that it was written in collaboration with you, to ensure the integrity of Robotvilla. 

I hope to hear from you!

Robo greets,


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