I’m planning to make a Robotvilla podcast. I’m very excited about it and I’ve already got my brand new  microphone setup. It’s going to be a monthly(? not sure yet…) Podcast with a duration of about 15 minuted where I talk about Robotvilla related (Kids, Code & Robots) topics. Podcasts are so convenient, you can listen to them on your way to work or school. (I’m contemplating in which language to record, Dutch or English. If you want me to do them in english, please let me know!)

Topics on my list to record are:

  • How did Robotvilla come to be?
  • My learned lessons in setting up a kids tech studio on wheels.
  • Why I think it’s important to introduce tech & coding at a young age.
  • Coding is also for girls.
  • Can you learn to code when you’re older?
  • Interesting findings in the literature about STEAM relates subjects.
  • and more… (STEAM = Science Technology Engineering Art Math)

Stay Tuned!


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