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      Dec 11, 2018

Tag: Osmo Coding

OSMO Coding [video]

I took a little time off to collect my thoughts, but now I’m back. So let’s pick it up where I left it. I was in the middle of editing my OSMO Coding video when I lost my SD card. Long story short, luckily I had saved the OSMO footage before I foolishly dropped my card somewhere on the floor at the office. Note to self: Always pay extra attention when handling such a small card and put it away safely. (more…)

Ordered Osmo Coding – Coding game 5+
Ordered Osmo Coding – Coding game 5+

Look what I found! How cool is this?! I already added it to my wishlist, this Osmo Coding game for kids from 5 years of age. The Osmo game platform is an iPad App that works with real tangible objects, like letter blocks, pieces of a puzzle and pen-and-paper. Since recently, it even comes with specially developed colorful magnetic coding blocks that kids can use to create programming code. (more…)