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Kids Tech Studio Robotvilla is OPEN!
Kids Tech Studio Robotvilla is OPEN!

What a rollercoaster

Wow! The past few months were all about finalizing Kids Tech Studio Robotvilla. Who would have thought that there were so many discussions and choices to make? Like, which robots to by, which educational toys to order or which coding platform to choose. Or more practical stuff like, which laptops to buy, which laptop locks and what kind of headphones? Also, find a home-base for Robotvilla. A place where I can run my Robotvilla sessions. A place with electricity to plug the trailer into, somewhere with a bathroom and running water. A place where parents can also have a place to relax like in a restaurant when the kids are having fun at the Robotvilla-session. What about insurance, legal stuff, and bookkeeping? Which price point to pick and what the opening hours should be. How to balance my family, my core business as a freelance User Experience Designer and Robotvilla. And what if the kids don’t like the sessions?! ?

My head was spinning for months, but I’m finally at a point where the dust is settling. Running around like crazy turned into walking towards a clear goal. The road was long and had its obstacles, but everything came together in the end. The time is now! Kids Tech Studio Robotvilla and I are ready for launch! What a ride!

Five-second rule

It was August 2018, and I had written in my planner that I wanted the Kids Tech Studio up and running by the time it was summer. Time was running out to hit my goal, and so it was time to pick a date for the open house (which was also the launch of Robotvilla). I noticed I was procrastinating like crazy. I came up with all kinds of excuses to postpone the opening. I was afraid of failing my dream project.

When I procrastinate, I feel a bit worse about it, every day that passes. Time for action! But how? A thing I use is called the five-second rule by Mel Robins. This technique makes you execute an actionable task before overthinking it and hesitate to take action. Just count backward from 5 to 1 and perform the action you had in mind. I used this technique multiple times during this time of anxiety about the launch of Robotvilla. I counted backward from 5 to 1 and picked a date for the open house, which was on October 6th from 11:– – 16:00, 2018. I counted backward to finalize my order at the printer to order my business cards and my flyer with my open house announcement on it. I counted back before I pressed “send” on the invitation to friends and family on Whatsapp and I also counted 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… before announcing the open house on social media. No way back! *breathe in, breath out…*


Open House

Friday evening, October 5th, 2018

18:00 – Vincent and I drove to Werf35 in Hilversum to set up a big party tent. That way, we would have more time the next morning. I had a clear vision about what the open house setup should look like. I even drew it to help communicate my idea to Vincent. When we were home, and the kids were in bed, I stayed up almost the entire night preparing everything for the open house. I packed everything up so we could load it in the car the next day.

Vision Open House

My open house vision.

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

08:00 – We were loading everything in the car, I was anxious, and my tummy aced. At 11:00 the first visitors could come. I had no idea if somebody would show up. What if… what if…. what if… *breathe in, breathe out*

10:50 – Everything was in place and up and running. The sun was shining; the colorful balloons were playfully dancing in the wind. It was quite at Werf35, except for my kids who were whizzing about and had fun on their fancy scooters. Another sip of water, another deep breath…


11:00 – What was that on the parking lot? My first visitor? A mom from school with here kids. I thought: “WOW! Somebody came! And what’s that? More people?! For Robotvilla??”. Before I knew it, the Kids Tech Studio was packed with kids and people who were curious what Robotvilla was all about. The party tent outside was also buzzing with parents and kids who were having fun coloring the homemade Robotvilla coloring pages while sipping their lemonade and eating their candy.

I was talking non-stop to people about Robotvilla. About how the idea came about and how the Robotvilla-sessions work. When I peeked at my watch, it was already 14:00! And the next peek was at 15:45. Time flew by, my voice was almost gone from talking so much, and I had my first sign-ups! A-MA-ZING! I was overwhelmed with joy. I’m so very proud of this accomplishment and thankful for the help and patience I got from friends and family.

My Robotvilla dream project came true and is located at Werf35 in Hilversum. Every Wednesday afternoon, I get to help curious kids on their journey in tech. How cool is that?

Would you like to join us for a RoObotvilla session? Book your ticket here!

Robo greets,


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