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      Dec 11, 2018

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Purple laptops and orange mice for the kids
Purple laptops and orange mice for the kids

The epic search for laptops.

The kids need laptops in the Robotvilla so they’ll be able to code and build cool stuff. This was quite a challenge since computers are pretty expensive. I finance Robotvilla myself, so it was a mission and a half to find a lot for “less”. At first, it felt like a mission impossible but if there is a will, there is a way. I started out by posting a request for old laptops on Twitter and Instagram. In no time I got offers from really nice people who wanted to donate their old laptops to Robotvilla. The problem was that these sweet people don’t live in the Netherlands, so I had to pay a lot of shipping and import taxes. So that was a no go… I kept my hopes up by thinking: “It’ll come when it comes…”

Purple laptops…

I follow a couple of really fun people on Instagram, who run Robotvilla-like workshops for kids on the other side of the world. One day I scrolled by one of their Instagram posts and I saw that they used bright blue laptops for the kids. It looked so welcoming and fun that I decided to ask what brand the laptops were. It turned out to be blue HP Stream laptops. Immediately I dove onto the web in search for these fun laptops but I found out that these HP Streams were an older model, thus hard to get.  Bummer! I found one on eBay and one on Amazon, again, I had to pay a lot of shipping and I needed 7 or maybe 8 laptops.

Comfomart in Eindhoven

Then my Google search spat up a purple edition of the HP Stream, located at Comfomart in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. (Purple! So very Robotvilla!) To my surprise, the stock count was set on 10(!) (TEN) items! What? Could it be? I didn’t want to celebrate too early, because often times the stock count on the website doesn’t match the actual count in the warehouse. So I decided to give them a call. I wanted to ask about the availability and I wanted to tell my Robotvilla story hoping that they could help me out a bit. You must know that picking up the phone and calling people up isn’t my strongest skill. It makes me feel anxious and awkward, but I had to do it for the sake of the kids! (A little victory on its self right there. Go me!).

I got in touch with the general manager, a very nice man. He was very enthusiastic about Robotvilla and willing to help me out. ? That boosted my energy level! He offered a nice discount on the purple laptops, which indeed were in stock, and I offered to put their logo up on my website. I happily accepted the offer and am grateful for this collaboration. If you ever need computer stuff, Comfomart is the place to go! ?

and orange mice

The laptops aren’t complete without computer mice. I discovered that mice are also very expensive. The really cheap ones were ugly and that would have been a shame next to those cute purple laptops. I decided that the mice had to be orange next to the purple laptops. Totally in style of the Robotvilla color scheme. Luckily there are great Chinese websites like AliExpress that offer a lot for less, without the shipping and tax costs. I took a chance and ordered a bag full of orange mice. I had to wait a full month for them to arrive but it worked out great!

Mission: Laptops for Robotvilla = ACCOMPLISHED...

I’m curious to see how the kids respond to the laptops. This is a massive step closer to an operational Robotvilla where the kids can now enjoy playing with code on purple laptops! Would you like to collaborate? Let me know and drop me an email!

Robo greets,


I got my trailer license!
I got my trailer license!

The reason that I choose to invest in a mobile studio (trailer…) is that I can reach kids that aren’t able to come to me. That way I can visit schools and daycares. Having a trailer is one thing but being able to drive around with it in a safe way is something else. The trailer is pretty big and heavy, it weighs 1300 kilo without its interior and the whole combination is more than 6 meters long.

Trailer lessons

It was time to get my trailer license, so I signed up for lessons. Ka-Ching!! 650 euros out of my pocket…*ouch*). In total, I got 5 lessons and 1 exam. I drove through the smallest alleyways and streets in Laren (Beautiful dutch town), and I parked the trailer countless times rear side first. Aside from the lessons, I practiced with my own trailer together with my husband Vincent on a big empty parking lot nearby.


Then 28 November 2017 came and it was D-day, the day of my exam. I haven’t been so nervous in a long time. Two hours before the exam, I had to finish 2 more lessons. Flustered, sweaty palms and a heart rate of 250 I managed to pull through. Then we drove to the exam center. First a cup of coffee and a final practice round of questions about weight, length, checks, and safety. Then the examiner called me to his office. I was so nervous that it seemed as if I was floating in slow motion while walking towards him.

We went outside, luckily the sun was shining, and after a few questions, I got to hook the trailer on. So far, so good. (Yes, if you mess this part up, you failed the exam…). The examiner got into my car and because of his utterly calm presence, I instantly felt calmer and we actually had a really nice drive with 1400 kilo paved tiles in the back. When we got back at the exam center, I took a seat at the examiner desk as he gave me a firm hand while saying: “Congratulations madam! You did it!”. Party whistles and confetti in my head! I did it! I was so happy and relieved. Two weeks later, I picked up my new license. Milestone!! Super proud!


Robo greets,


Reading suggestion? In this article, I’ll tell you how I found my Studio on wheels.

(Source photo: Wikihow)

Kids tech studio on wheels Robotvilla! A dream come true!
Kids tech studio on wheels Robotvilla! A dream come true!

From a dream…

Exactly two years ago, in the summer of 2016, Robotvilla popped into my mind: the blog was born about kids, code, and robots. Now the blog is actually going to bloom into a Kids Tech Studio on wheels! A Kids Tech Trailer if you will. I have no idea how the concept of this tiny house on wheels is called in English, but you can see what I mean in the picture 🙂 (more…)